Brantz Wheel Sensor


Wheel Sensor
Category: Tripmeters.

This almost universal 12mm diameter Wheel Sensor can be mounted on a suspension strut so that it picks up the bolt heads off the brake disk as they pass by.
A minimum of 4 bolts is required, however 6 is recommended. The more pick-up's available the more accurate the tripmeter will be. It has a 1mm sensing distance.

An alternative positioning for this type of sensor is to pick up on flying tabs (minimum of 2 positioned 180* apart) fatened on the bolts of the Prop Shaft's Universal Joint.
N.B. Old tripmeters (Pre-2005) can be upgraded to work with this sensor at the Brantz factory for a small charge, or free of charge if the meter is sent in for a service.
Please call us for futher detail. 02837538633

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