Brantz International 2S Pro


Popular rally tripmeter with accuracy, ease of use and rugged dependability. Triple Displays - (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)
999.9 Max Total Distance (with adjustable decimal point: 00.00 or 000.0)
99.99 Max Intermediate Distance
999 Max Vehicle Speed / 99.9 Max Average Speed
Remote Zero Unit to operate the Intermediate Display - INCLUDED

Category: Tripmeters.

The Average Speed can be recalculated at any time, even on the move.
Calibrated easily via push-wheel switches on the front of the unit.
Can be calibrated to read in Miles or Kilometers Zero, Forward, Reverse and Freeze Buttons on the front face of the Meter. Plus a Stepper Knob - for increasing or decreasing the total distance traveled via a manual override. Dimensions: 120 (140 inc mounting flanges) x 100 x 45

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