Throttle Bodies 

Throttle Bodies

Throttle Bodies

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Spindle twin 40 & 42mm

Ford Zetec Throttle Body Kit 

Honda B16/18 45/48 tapered throttle body kit

Honda S2000 throttle body kit

Porsche 2 bolt Kit Small

Peugeot 106 Throttle body kit

Citroen C2 Throttle Body Kit

Jenvey twin cable linkage kit

Jenvey single cable linkage ki

Ford Sigma DTH set

VW 2L 45mm DTH bodies

Pico Fuel Injector

Pico injector

Pico Fuel Injector 480cc

Injector pocket

Jenvey injector pocket plug

Multipos lever adapter

Jenvey Linkage bracket

Multipos lever adapter

Linkage Bracket & Rod - ST

jenvey linkage bracket under

Linkage bracket and rod

Manifold Ford Zetec - TB

manifold; ford duratech - TB

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