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Oil pressure gauge 0-8 BAR (52mm)

Oil Temp gauge 0-150°C (52mm)

Water Temp gauge 0-120°C  (52mm)

Racetech Electric Tachometer 0-8000 RPM  (80mm)

Racetech Electrical Tachometer 0-10000 RPM (80mm)

Voltmeter 10-16 Volts (52mm)

Racetech Oil Pressure Sender Unit M10

Racetech Water Temperature Sender 1/8 NPT

Racetech Oil Temperature Sender 1/8 NPT

Popular rally tripmeter with accuracy, ease of use and rugged dependability. Triple Displays - (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)999.9 Max Total Distance (with adjustable decimal point: 00.00 or 000.0)99.99 Max Intermediate Distance999 Max Vehicle Speed / 99.9 Max Average SpeedRemote Zero Unit to operate the Intermediate Display - INCLUDED

The Brantz Laser 3 Rally Computer is a sophisticated high precision instrument with multiple functions ideal for both enthusiasts and professions.

Most Japanese manufacturers standardised their gearbox outputs to accept a M22x1.5mm thread which has a round pin drive with a 'lug' pinched into the side. This unit can be fitted to either the gearbox or speedometer end of your speedometer cable (thread and space permitting)

The M22 Gearbox Sensor also comes in a High Grade version, as well as being better able to withstand the rigors of rough terrain, this sensor comes with 2 drive pin options for differences in the Nissan and Mitsubishi, Toyota and Suzuki fittings. Please check the thread and pin type of your gearbox before purchasing.

Most European manufacturers (Ford/GM/Vauxhall/VW/Skoda/Lada/Fiat) standardised their gearbox outputs to accept a M18x1.5mm thread with a square pin drive. This unit can be fitted either at the gearbox or speedometer end of your speedometer cable (thread and space permitting)

VDO Vision Black 12V Voltmeter  52mm dia

VDO electrical oil pressure gauge reads from 0 to 5 bar. (52mm) VDO range of Cockpit Vision gauges feature transmitted light technology, providing crystal clear display both day and night. Readability is further enhanced by reflection reducing glass lenses.

The Race Technology Dash 2 is a compact, robust, water resistant display unit for road, rally or racing. It can be used either as a road legal standalone dash unit, or when linked to a Race Technology GPS data logger becomes a dash display with real time data display and functions, including speed, RPM, sensor readings and lap/sector times with predictive...

The International 2 Pro is probably the most popular electronic rally tripmeters across the board, from Stage Rallies, to all types of Road Rallies; including Regularity and Car Club level 12 car navigation.

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