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Axial Starter 2Kw Ford XFlow/BDA

Alternator Strap

Peugeot rod bolt set

Ford Pinto rod bolt set

Rod bolt Kit Ford Zetec 1.6L 8mm (45mmUHL)

3/8 x 1.5 RBK BDA Pro

XFlow 3/8 x 1.750 Rod Bolt Kit 8 Pcs

ARP cosworth Sierra / Escort HSK

Ford cosworth Sierra/Escort Rod Bolt Kit

Ford X flow/Arrow steel rod bolt

3/8 x 1.75 12Pt Con Rod Bolt Ford X Flow

Pinto head stud kit

Ford Pinto Connecting Rod

Pinto Vernier Pulley

C4350-051 Cos YB GpA 92.5mm MLS Gasket

The OMEM200 Ignition Management System is a high performance, easy to install, easy to map system designed specifically for the serious Clubman competitor.

The OMEM600 Engine Management System is a high performance, easy to install, easy to map system with all of the features now demanded in motorsport.

The OMEM710 Engine Management System is an ultra high performance ECU system designed specifically for high end users who require the absolute best at an excellent price for their engines. With up to 6 ignition outputs and up to 12 fuel outputs the OMEM710 is suitable for up to 12 cylinder engines.

Protect your engine At a user definable engine speed, a selectable soft or hard ignition cut rev limit reduces engine power safely to limit the engine speed, protecting your engine from damage caused by over-revving.

A highly accurate shift light with a single remotely mounted ultra-bright 3000mcd brightness 10mm bezelled LED. The engine speed at which the LED lights is user definable and can be set in increments of 100rpm.

A shift light with a small (40x16x13mm) remote LED module incorporating four 5mm incrementally lighting LED’s of 350mcd brightness (each). Both the final shift point and the increments between LEDs are user definable to suit the driver’s needs.

Combining a high performance soft-cut rev limiter and a single remotely mounted 10mm LED shift light. The Speed System provides a complete solution in one unit.

Built by Omex engineers using some of the same materials as found in race series all the way up to F1.

Built to a specification found in premium modern road cars, even up to supercar status, this is a great harness for a road car or trackday car.

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