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Engine Parts

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Vauxhall 1.6 16v inletmanifold

16v Hot Rod Pump Assembly

16v Vauxhall inlet manifold with water jacket

32L pulley for Pace Pump

16v GM valve kit

2.0 L Vauxhall piston 87mm

210L tooth belt 1/2"

210L tooth belt 3/4"

225 L toothbelt 3/4"

270L tooth belt 1"

36-1 XE with Alu Pully

36-1 XE Steel Rings

2.0 XE std. big end bearing set

Vauxhall 2.0L 16v rod bolt set

Vauxhall 1.4 8v/16v rod bolts

Astra FWD Cam Followers - Set 8

Vauxhall follower set

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